First UDBUG Meeting

Brandon Stout bms at
Thu Jan 3 10:59:25 MST 2008

Thank you. Time and location are now on the web page.  It's at 6, unless
lots of people request 7.  6 means I get back to my family a little
earlier.  Check the web page in case the time changes.  Check the web
page for the location.  If requested, I'll add a link to google maps.

Brandon Stout
Stout Hosting LLC

Steve wrote:
> Missing 2 parts, where and when (time not day).
> Otherwise count me in I'm pretty much free that day.
> On Jan 3, 2008 10:45 AM, Brandon Stout <bms at> wrote:
>> Soon we will have our own mail list.  Until then, please forgive my
>> cross-posts.
>> About UDBUG:
>> UDBUG is the Utah Database Users Group - a community for database (db)
>> users and administrators to discuss, and compare favorite db servers, db
>> clients, and general ideas common to all db programs, such as SQL.
>> UDBUG will have chapters for the specific databases that members can join.
>> We will hold our UDBUG meetings the second Thursday of every month.
>> Thus, the first UDBUG meeting will be January 10th.  I will discuss
>> database design and normalization rules.  You can view details on this page:
>> You can also subscribe to the RSS or ICS feed.
>> RSS:
>> ICS:
>> Please send your RSVP to me via personal email.  Send your questions or
>> comments to me or to the list, whichever you prefer.
>> Brandon Stout
>> Stout Hosting LLC
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