DTV Conveter box coupons are now live! [Cross-posting to PLUG and SLLUG]

Nicholas Leippe nick at
Wed Jan 2 16:54:51 MST 2008

On Wednesday 02 January 2008, Steven Alligood wrote:
> I only have an antenna.  I got tired of paying out $50+ a month for
> mostly garbage.
> We got rid of Cable
> , and had a nice few months, until I realized that I didn't know what
> was going on around the world and my own state.

I would suggest that reading the news (online) is a much more efficient way to 
get information than anything broadcast over the air locally in the 
US--especially since you can choose to read or not base on the headline 
rather than having to watch the entire presentation.

Talking about a time waster, most US news casts are IMO nearly worse than 
watching the commercials.  I personally like the BBC, and will not watch any 
US corporate sponsored news casts such as FOX or CNN.  What they leave to be 
desired is nearly endless. I would classify them as more of the variety show 
type than a serious source of information.  They typically spend more time 
telling you what they're going to tell you than actually telling you (if you 
stick around and watch the commercials first). Furthermore, some of the 
content that they do actually get around to telling you is silly stuff that 
doesn't merit a news story, an interview with three idiots that usually don't 
actually know anything about the topic, an "expert" opinion, and a summary by 
the two anchors concluded with laughing or a feigned serious expression.

> I finally paid out a one time $70 for a really good antenna, and now I
> have the news and two shows a week that are worth watching.
> And yes, I pay a lot for those few shows.  It's called advertising.  I
> just don't pay twice now.

If there are things on TV that you actually enjoy, then saving up for a Tivo 
or setting up a MythTV box can really be worth it--you no longer ever need to 
schedule your life around the TV--you watch only what you want, when you want 
to, and can skip all the commercials to boot--thus removing that final 
payment of your time watching the commercials... which IMO is well worth it 
in the long run.

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