DTV Conveter box coupons are now live! [Cross-posting to PLUG and SLLUG]

Levi Pearson levi at
Wed Jan 2 04:36:08 MST 2008

"Andrew Jorgensen" <andrew.jorgensen at> writes:
> Because if there weren't my sister would be pissed in Feb 2009 when
> her TV stopped working and she had to spend $50-70 on a converter box
> or hundreds on a new TV.  It's bad enough that she'll have to spend
> $10-30 on the converter and may have to get a better antenna as well.
> Honestly it sucks and this just makes it suck a little less.

FWIW, I get much better reception with my standard rabbit ears with a
UHF loop via ATSC than I do with NTSC.  I doubt a better antenna will
be necessary.  I'm very happy with digital OTA TV, and I was never
happy with analog OTA TV.  I wonder how many of you complaining about
the switch to digital actually watch OTA tv instead of cable or


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