Towards a better router.

Jonathan Duncan jonathan at
Wed Jan 2 13:02:57 MST 2008

On 29 Dec 2007, at 13:44, Steve wrote:

> All of that is very annoying, and I guess it's what I get for buying a
> $40 router, on the other hand I can't say a Linksys wouldn't have
> puked and died under the same loads. But now Christmas is over I'ld
> like to get a really good router that won't choke and die in sustained
> high bandwidth situations.  I'm considering getting a commericial
> grade router if that would make a difference, although my
> understanding is that they don't, at least not in my price range.
> Speaking of which my price range is still < $200.  I also need to make
> sure the router has at least 4 hardwired 10/100 ethernet ports, and a
> good strong 802.11g or better wireless connectivity option.

It only has 3 hardwired ports but I would not hold that against it:

AirPort Extreme Base Station with Gigabit Ethernet  ( 

I love mine.

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