DTV Conveter box coupons are now live! [Cross-posting to PLUG and SLLUG]

Steve smorrey at
Wed Jan 2 12:03:53 MST 2008

>On Jan 2, 2008 11:51 AM, Wade Preston Shearer <lists at> wrote:
> Why is there a budget for this at all? Television is not a necessity.
> It angers me that my tax dollars are being used to buy home theater
> components for the masses. A coupon wasn't available a few years ago
> when I purchased my HD tuner.

This is NOT a home theatre equipment subsidy, all these boxes do is
down convert ATSC to NTSC.
There are only a small handful of different models of boxes being
subsidized here and they are really nothing more than tuners.

Regardless of all that though, the fact remains that there are
millions of elderly and/or home bound people who may be left without
TV service for such vital things as Emergency Broadcasts and even
mundane niceties like the evening news.

Personally I wouldn't want my mother who is quite elderly and not
really very technical at all, to lose her TV service just because she
can't afford a new set.  This is for people like that, not for people
like you and me, to whom the purchase of a new TV doesn't require a
choice between buying  food or medicine or paying rent.

That was my purpose in notifying everyone about this new subsidy, in
the hopes that they will know people who will really need this, and
help them by answering questions, give them help to fill the forms,
etc.  All before the subsidy pool gets dried up by people who may not
really need this.

Steve Morrey

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