Expected mailing-list etiquette -- was Re: For all you top posters out there, this is for you...

Steven Alligood steve at bluehost.com
Thu Feb 28 15:25:40 MST 2008

I am actually quite apathetic about most of you, although I like some, 
and hate others (and if all of you were honest, you would admit to the 
same feelings, just like Bilbo: *"I don't know half of you half as well 
as I should like; and I like half of you half as well as you 
deserve."*), so I can honestly say that I like top posting.  I don't 
really care if it makes life easier, better managed, or well groomed.  I 
happen to like it, so I do it.  The Internet is full of people doing 
what they want, when they want, and "netiquette" is just another way of 
saying that everyone should do what some want them to do.

If I reply to an email that I truly want the context to work and the 
readers to understand, i will jusdge that particular email, and then 
post and even trim accordingly.

The rest of the cruft isn't worth it.


justin wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 28, 2008 at 11:15 AM, Gabriel Gunderson <gabe at gundy.org> wrote:
>>  Evo used to place my cursor below the email so I could easily
>>  bottom-post.  A few minor versions ago, it started placing my cursor at
>>  the top of my reply making it harder to bottom-post.  I take the extra
>>  effort to hit "page down" and bottom-post because I love everyone on the
>>  list.
> i love the hidden implication here.... *i* top post and middle post
> because i love everyone on the list. :)
> justin

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