Asterisk Voicemail for iPhone

Chris Carey chris.carey at
Thu Feb 28 13:11:52 MST 2008

Heres a little teaser for those of you with iPhones

Asterisk Voicemail for iPhone allows you to check your voicemail
messages on your house or business line from your iPhone. You can
think of it as "Visual Voicemail", but for your Asterisk PBX numbers
instead of your AT&T cell number. The technology behind it is Asterisk
(The Open-Source PBX), with iUI, Joe Hewitt's UI interface for iPhone.
This software can be installed on any Asterisk server (though you will
want to use one that is available via the Internet) and will allow you
to check messages in multiple folders, listen to messages, delete
messages, move messages, and change voicemail settings - all from your

Contact me with any questions or comments.

This software is unreleased. Most of the features are fully
functional, but I need to clean up certain portions of the code before
releasing it in order to avoid public ridicule. This software will be
released under the GPL or some other free license.

Chris Carey

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