For all you top posters out there, this is for you...

Michael L Torrie torriem at
Thu Feb 28 11:03:54 MST 2008

justin wrote:
> <snipped random Justin things including 5-sentence replies!>
> i agree. sometimes middle posting is ideal. most of the time, however,
> i find myself responding to an email as a whole, or to a theme seen
> throughout the message. in these cases, i usually find myself trimming
> all but a sentence or two and then top posting.

Most of the e-mails I reply to are at most a paragraph, and my replies
are not much longer (this one is obviously overly wordy).  I still
insist on posting below their context.  It shows that I have read and
respected what they said, and that my reply is appropriate and addresses
what they had to say.  When I get a top-posted reply to an e-mail I've
sent, it says to me, "I've looked only casually at your e-mail and
here's a casual response."  It's just not professional.

If you insist on replying out of context, I suggest you drop the context
entirely and remove the entire quoted, original e-mail, like someone
would do if they were corresponding via good, old-fashioned post.
Sometimes this is appropriate, although in such cases the subject should
probably be changed too.

The end.

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