For all you top posters out there, this is for you...

Michael L Torrie torriem at
Thu Feb 28 10:24:08 MST 2008

justin wrote:
> but if you're following the thread, you've already seen the previous
> post... why would you need to see it again? just use an email client
> that has a threaded view for mailing lists and hides quote blocks and
> you'll be fine ;)

But I only keep the stuff that's useful to me.  I delete threads quite
regularly. If someone replies to a thread I've deleted, top-posting
provides no context.  Each e-mail is thus standalone.

The most common complaint by people I hear is that they don't want to
scroll down through tons of quoted material.  This happens because
bottom posters are as lazy as top posters.  The only true way is to
middle post, replying to people's questions as they ask them, and
trimming old replies and old quotes.

People who think as you do are using e-mail as either a glorified
letter-writing system, or as a glorified text-messaging system.  Knowing
you, e-mail to you is a text-messaging system where most things are
short.  Thus your google conversations works fine.  But I use e-mail in
a larger context where often several important questions are asked or
points are made that require a detailed response to each one.
Top-posting to this is silly since a) I might miss something and b) it
might not always be clear to the recipient which questions I'm answering.

> justin

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