For all you top posters out there, this is for you...

Doran L. Barton fozz at
Thu Feb 28 09:32:28 MST 2008

Not long ago, Stephen Shaw proclaimed...
> > but if you're following the thread, you've already seen the previous
> > post... why would you need to see it again? just use an email client
> > that has a threaded view for mailing lists and hides quote blocks and
> > you'll be fine ;)
> OK, someone on this list help me out here!

Well, there are several flaws with his rationale. First, his solution is
only acceptable under very specific conditions. We all know good threaded
e-mail clients are rare, let alone those that give you the option of hiding
quoted blocks. 

It seems like the most elegant solution would be the one that satisfies the
most common subset of users and conditions. 

Trimming and inline/bottom posting meets this requirement because (a) it
marries responses to context within the logical flow of information, (b) it
limits quoted text by its relative contextual value. 

The downside of trimming and inline/bottom posting is that it requires
effort on the part of the respondent and it is universally known that
anything which requires effort is generally not worth doing to a majority
of people. :-P

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