Utopia Router

Matt Bowler matt at mattbowler.com
Tue Feb 26 19:44:20 MST 2008

I have the enviable problem of having bandwidth--50mb/s 
Utopia/Xmission!!--that outpaces the throughput cabilities of my Linksys 
wrt54gp2 (vonage) at 20 mb/s.  Ideally I would like to keep a single box 
that does vonage, routes, and switches, but it looks like linksys/vonage 
parntership is no more.

Xmission recommends the wrt54gl, which gets very good reviews and has the 
capacity for open source upgrades, etc, but is still only a G router and no 

I have about 5 boxes at my house and don't do a lot of gaming but do 
transfer large files and want to simplify, yet future proof my network as 
much as possible.

So if I want wireless-N and a gigabit switch what would you recommend? 
Maybe get the gl and gigabit switch or what?  Maybe time to move up to the 
Linksys SoHo line like the RVS400 or the WRV200?


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