Packaging / Build Job

Andrew Jorgensen andrew.jorgensen at
Mon Feb 25 17:08:51 MST 2008

Before you wince and say that Novell is a stuffy old company let me
say that this job opening is in the open source side of the company
which is neither stuffy nor old.  Also if you're thinking that build /
packaging sounds like a stuffy job, it's really not.  IMHO it's a
great balance between engineering, system administration, and playing
with cool software.

This position is also a great chance to break into the open source
world as it will involve coordination with various communities and

If you're interested please contact me off-list and I'll talk to the
hiring manager directly for you and submit your resume.

This position is for a build and package creation engineer to join
Novell's Desktop Accessibility engineering team. We are looking for a
highly motivated team player who can participate in the software
development process for Mono and GNOME accessibility projects. The
primary responsibility will be maintaining a build system that
performs nightly builds and maintaining packages built for Opensuse,
Ubuntu, and Fedora distributions. Participation in the communities
around these distributions will also be core to the position.

Responsibilities include:

    * Creating and maintaining installation packages for Opensuse
Linux, Ubuntu Linux, and Fedora Linux
    * Maintaining a build system that performs nightly builds
    * Participating in and providing assistance to various open source
accessibility communities


    * Bachelor's degree in CS/EE or equivalent
    * Expert knowledge of Linux
    * Working knowledge of GNOME
    * Experience building RPMs


    * Experience building .Net assemblies
    * Experience creating automated build systems
    * Experience working with open source and participating in open
source communities

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