Major Gmail annoyance and the list

Hans Fugal hans at
Mon Feb 25 10:40:09 MST 2008

Michael L Torrie wrote:
> Alec Shaw wrote:
>> You say you are not copying the sent message.  Is this on gmail or on 
>> Thunderbird?
> All of this is thunderbird.  I set it to save sent messages to my local
> sent folder instead of the gmail one.  Then I sent the message with
> another smtp server (non-gmail).  Now messages are showing up from me on
> the list in my folder (tagged by gmail of course) as I'd expect.  The
> conversations view on gmail's web site still show up as I'd expect.
> Only my messages aren't (contrary to what I thought earlier) being
> tagged by gmail as "Sent Mail" which is perfectly fine by me for mailing
> lists.  Basically I'm fooling gmail into not throwing out messages it
> receives that claim to be from me to the list.

Thanks for doing the legwork. Now, can one set up Thunderbird to not 
save in the sent folder only for mailing lists? I'd love to fix this 
annoying behavior but I'm not sure I want to abandon the Sent folder 

Another solution that comes to mind is to filter the messages somehow at 
your own SMTP server and add a Bcc to another address that gmail doesn't 
associate with you. I'm not sure if it would work (would gmail still 
ignore the message based on its message-id?), but it might.

Hans Fugal ;

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