Major Gmail annoyance and the list

Michael L Torrie torriem at
Fri Feb 22 11:22:40 MST 2008

Alec Shaw wrote:
> You say you are not copying the sent message.  Is this on gmail or on 
> Thunderbird?

All of this is thunderbird.  I set it to save sent messages to my local
sent folder instead of the gmail one.  Then I sent the message with
another smtp server (non-gmail).  Now messages are showing up from me on
the list in my folder (tagged by gmail of course) as I'd expect.  The
conversations view on gmail's web site still show up as I'd expect.
Only my messages aren't (contrary to what I thought earlier) being
tagged by gmail as "Sent Mail" which is perfectly fine by me for mailing
lists.  Basically I'm fooling gmail into not throwing out messages it
receives that claim to be from me to the list.

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