Major Gmail annoyance and the list

Wade Preston Shearer lists at
Thu Feb 21 23:33:20 MST 2008

> I know many of you use gmail for your plug mailing list reading and
> posting.  How many of you use imap and, say thunderbird with it?  Well
> it turns our Gmail is very broken when using imap and dealing with
> mailing lists.  The problem is that my post to the list is silently
> discarded by Gmail when the list sends it back to me.  Instead, it
> expects that you'll be using the web page with it's
> "conversations"-style threading.  Rather than letting the mailing list
> post back to me, gmail thinks it knows better than me since it already
> has my sent item in the sent folder.  This happens whether I send e- 
> mail
> via gmail's smtp server or some other server.  It's very annoying and
> has about made gmail unusable for me, since most of my e-mailings  
> are to
> and from lists.  Does anyone know of a way of working around this  
> major bug?

Send through a different SMTP server and you will receive your own  

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