Major Gmail annoyance and the list

Michael Torrie torriem at
Thu Feb 21 21:17:02 MST 2008

I know many of you use gmail for your plug mailing list reading and
posting.  How many of you use imap and, say thunderbird with it?  Well
it turns our Gmail is very broken when using imap and dealing with
mailing lists.  The problem is that my post to the list is silently
discarded by Gmail when the list sends it back to me.  Instead, it
expects that you'll be using the web page with it's
"conversations"-style threading.  Rather than letting the mailing list
post back to me, gmail thinks it knows better than me since it already
has my sent item in the sent folder.  This happens whether I send e-mail
via gmail's smtp server or some other server.  It's very annoying and
has about made gmail unusable for me, since most of my e-mailings are to
and from lists.  Does anyone know of a way of working around this major bug?


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