Seeking traffic shaping/transparent proxy solution

Carl Youngblood carl at
Thu Feb 21 16:12:30 MST 2008

Actually, the APs I'm planning on using already use that OS.  I guess
you're saying they will already have the things I need then.  Here's
the problem though.  Since I'm using multiple APs, each of them will
have to download the content at least once before they cache it, hence
my desire to place a router further upstream that could handle all of
this once.

On Thu, Feb 21, 2008 at 4:08 PM, Corey Edwards <tensai at> wrote:
> On Thu, 2008-02-21 at 15:45 -0700, Carl Youngblood wrote:
>  > I am trying to find a good (hopefully free/low-price/easy) solution
>  > for rationing bandwidth on a per-user basis to a number of downstream
>  > wifi APs and wired clients, as well as caching downloads so that
>  > future requests can be served locally.  NoCatSplash-type functionality
>  > would be a good plus too.  But it needs to be in a single server,
>  > because I will be supporting user counts that are too large to do with
>  > individual APs, and I don't want to have to configure each AP
>  > separately, other than to configure its wifi settings.
>  I recommend Mikrotik RouterOS. It's Linux based and has a ton of great
>  features. I'm sure you could use straight up Linux for all of it, but
>  the management with Mikrotik is great. My company uses their Router
>  Boards for access points and they're awesome. The one thing I can't tell
>  you is where we buy them from, as I'm not involved in that process.
>  Corey
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