Linux compatible scanner

Andrew Jorgensen andrew.jorgensen at
Mon Feb 18 21:57:41 MST 2008

On 2/18/08, Jeff Schroeder <jeff at> wrote:
> Russ asked:
> > Does anybody have a suggestion for a Linux compatible scanner.
> I've been happy with my Canon CanoScan LiDE 20 (and the next-gen model,
> the LiDE 25).  It's small, slim, uses only a USB cable for power, and
> runs around $40 on NewEgg.  It works out of the box with Ubuntu.

I've also got a can-o-scan LiDE 25.  Was delighted that it was also
the cheapest scanner available at the time.  The tech is funny though,
because of how the LiDE series work they can't scan at any depth.
Even the gutter in a book will give you trouble.  I still recommend it
though. Been very happy with it.

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