ISC-DHCP3 tools

Jared Bellows plug at
Mon Feb 18 21:22:20 MST 2008

On Feb 18, 2008 4:37 PM, Chris Carey <chris.carey at> wrote:

> Has anyone come across some decent ISC-DHCP3 management tools? They
> provide an API and the omshell application, which are a pain to use.
> I'm hoping someone out there has written some nice tools that may use
> this API but provide some nice "missing" features from dhcp3-server.
> Such as:
> - Add/ edit/ delete a static IP and apply (without restarting the
> dhcp3-server service)
> - Show a list of active leases in a particular subnet (without parsing
> the dhcpd.leases by hand)
> --
> Chris

Webmin seems to have a decent DHCP Server module ( that my quick glance does the items you

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