Mail from localhost delivered to Google Apps with Postfix? Anyone have a solution?

Hans Fugal hans at
Mon Feb 18 07:03:47 MST 2008

So your domain's MX goes to google, and you just want locally-generated 
mail to get forwarded as normal mail to your address?

You may be able to deliver straight to Google, like you're trying, but 
that isn't necessarily the only way to go. Your ISP probably has an SMTP 
server, and when accepting mail from its internal network may not even 
require authentication. This is easy to set up in postfix (relayhost).

So, postfix knows it isn't (but, and you 
put you at in your ~/.forward, and then postfix sends mail to 
you at localhost to you at via your ISP's SMTP server, and it ends 
up the same place all mail headed for you at does.

Hans Fugal ;

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