[ubuntu-us-ut] Mail from localhost delivered to Google Apps with Postfix? Anyone have a solution?

Michael L Torrie torriem at chem.byu.edu
Sat Feb 16 15:57:14 MST 2008

Aaron Toponce wrote:
> You just want to have your mail forwarded to your Gmail account?  You
> can do this easily with /etc/aliases.  If your local account was
> receiving mail for the 'chad' user, and your gmail account was
> 'chad.mayfield at gmail.com', then edit your /etc/aliases file to include
> the following line:
> chad: chad.mayfield at gmail.com
> Esay.  Just run 'newalises' at this point, and you're finished.  Now,
> every mail sent to chad on the local box will be sent to
> chad.mayfield at gmail.com.

I have a more complicated setup where local accounts mirror the google
apps accounts (same domain and all).  To get mail to forward properly to
google from my local aliases, I had to create what Google Apps calls a
domain alias (needs DNS support, though).  My alias is something like
g.mydomain.com.  Then in the aliases file I do:

username at mydomain.com: username at g.mydomain.com

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