Mail from localhost delivered to Google Apps with Postfix? Anyone have a solution?

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Sat Feb 16 14:37:48 MST 2008

Greetings All,

So I have been on SLLUG, PLUG, and the Ubuntu Utah lists for quite  
awhile under different addresses, but have not posted a questions yet,  
some responses, but no questions.  I have enjoyed learning with  
everyone's posts but finally find myself needing help that I cannot  
resolve with Google's help alone, hopefully someone here can help.

On the main domain I host I use Google Apps for email only rather than  
have to administer a mail server a deal with spam issues, relays,  
etc..  The problem I am running into is that I need the local mail  
generated by localhost to be relayed/forwarded to my Google Apps  
account.  My MX records are pointed toward Google's mail servers,  
while my domains A record is are pointed to the physical server via  
ZoneEdit.  The longer the server is around and the more projects I  
work on the more I have realized I need that local mail to be  
delivered to my normal email for debugging of applications, logwatch,  

I was trying to use Postfix following several similar users' issues  
online.  (Relaying local mail to Gmail/Google Apps using Postfix).   
Some of the tutorials I have tested are; The Prancing Tarantula ( 
), Setting up Postfix to relay through Gmail ( 
), and How to relay mail using Ubuntu, Postfix, and Gmail (,-postfix-and-gmail 
).  None have worked.

I can get Postfix to say the message was sent, yet it never leaves the  
local mailbox, and it is nowhere to be found.  From the tutorials I  
have learned there is an issue with Google and TLS so a certificate  
needs to be created.  A simple relay will not work.  So my problem  
still stands, i cannot get local mail relayed/forwarded.  Does anyone  
have any ideas how I can relay local mail delivered to, say root, to  
my Google Apps account?  Anyone?

Server Info: Ubuntu 7.10 Server

Chad R Mayfield
chad at
GPG Key: 0C9A026F

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