Looking for work?

Hill, Greg grhill at corp.untd.com
Fri Feb 15 15:49:53 MST 2008

I guess I'll take the plunge on this.  United Online closed down the
office here in Utah, and I'm one of those tasked with migrating the code
to the LA team.  As of May 2nd, I'll need a job.

My resume:

I've been coding Perl for 8 years, done everything in a LAMP stack
(where the P is Perl), etc.  I loathe Java and PHP, though, so that's
gonna make it harder for me to find something.  I'd love to move to Ruby
and wouldn't mind moving to Python, both of which I plan to spend some
time learning after I am done helping with the migration here.  Of
course, continuing with Perl is just fine, too.  I'm great with
Javascript, but only like to do it as a secondary skill (i.e. I couldn't
take a job where all I did was Javascript, or I'd go insane).  I am not
interested in any job that doesn't have health insurance attached, as I
am not able to qualify for it on my own.  That is, unless it's some
short-term contract that I can use to tide me over until I find
something else.

That's it.  Let me know if you hear of anything I should apply for, and
feel free to mock me for sticking with Perl and hating Java.


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