Sendmail Redirection

Jeff Anderson jefferya at
Thu Feb 14 20:11:34 MST 2008

I'm no expert with mail, but unless someone is aware of an option like 
this, my guess is that you'd have to write your own MTA, and run it 
somewhere else. Set up your regular mail server to forward all mail 
through your custom MTA, and then have your own code do what you wish. 
It could be as simple as blindly adding each received message to a 
single mbox. It just needs to know some basic mail speak, and write to 
the end of a file.

Jeff Anderson

William Attwood wrote:
> Hello Plug--
>    I need Sendmail to take any outbound e-mails and re-direct them to a
> specific e-mail address.  Is this an easy configuration option?
> Thanks,
> --William
> P.S. I am cruising the sendmail config manual, but anything you can help
> with to speed this up is appreciated.
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