Dark Terminal Magic

Hans Fugal hans at fugal.net
Wed Feb 13 17:43:35 MST 2008

Michael L Torrie wrote:

> Well I think you must be nuts too, since I've used iTerm continuously
> for several years now and never have seen that. :)  On the other hand,
> iTerm is very slow, especially after using it for a couple of hours
> generating scroll-back history.

Well I am nuts, but that's beside the point. ;-)

> Leopard's Terminal.app is nicer now than it used to be, but the default
> page-up, page-down handling still makes it a no go for me.  Scrollback
> in a terminal emulator should be shift-pageup and shift-pagedown,
> leaving the normal keystrokes for the app to process.  There's nothing
> quite as annoying as editing some large file in an editor on
> terminal.app, and wanting to go up a page, only to have it scroll the
> buffer instead.

True, but it's fixable. Honestly, that had slipped my mind because I 
fixed it once and then forgot about it.  I had to change a slew of 
settings in iTerm to get it the way I liked it too, so it's a fair 
shake. Plus, I'm convinced iTerm's configuration dialogs were designed 
by drunk monkeys.

Don't get me wrong, I love iTerm. I would have most certainly gone 
insane without it on Tiger. As it was I only most probably went insane. 
But as with so many other OSS or otherwise programs that I love, I 
recognize its warts for what they are and I don't hold punches.

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