Dark Terminal Magic

Michael L Torrie torriem at chem.byu.edu
Wed Feb 13 08:55:13 MST 2008

Hans Fugal wrote:
> Jonathan Duncan wrote:
>> On 12 Feb 2008, at 09:10, Hans Fugal wrote:
>>> Neat. Thanks for sharing. In the meantime I've been trying the other 
>>> terminals with strange names, and I've found that TERM=dtterm actually 
>>> works quite well. Aptitude, mutt, and screen are all happy.
>> Perhaps this is a side note.  While OS X Term is a decent app, I use 
>> iTerm and have quite enjoyed it.  The colors also seem to work well in 
>> it along with other nice features.
> Before leopard I used iTerm (I'm addicted to tabs). It worked well most 
> of the time but I was experiencing a very frustrating bug from time to 
> time. At random times (always the most inconvenient moments) input to 
> ncurses programs (mutt, vim, screen - there goes productivity) was 
> completely screwed up. Backspace, =, ;, and other apparently unrelated 
> keys would become other characters. This would continue for usually at 
> least 10 minutes, sometimes much longer, and against all logic it had 
> nothing to do with restarting iTerm, or even restarting or sleeping the 
> computer. My only recourse was to bring up Terminal.app (which worked 
> fine) or not use a terminal for a time and come back later and hope it 
> would work.
> Naturally, with a bug like that (no progress was ever made in fixing it 
> - I'm sure they just think I'm nuts), I was quite thrilled when 
> leopard's terminal met my needs enough to replace it.

Well I think you must be nuts too, since I've used iTerm continuously
for several years now and never have seen that. :)  On the other hand,
iTerm is very slow, especially after using it for a couple of hours
generating scroll-back history.

Leopard's Terminal.app is nicer now than it used to be, but the default
page-up, page-down handling still makes it a no go for me.  Scrollback
in a terminal emulator should be shift-pageup and shift-pagedown,
leaving the normal keystrokes for the app to process.  There's nothing
quite as annoying as editing some large file in an editor on
terminal.app, and wanting to go up a page, only to have it scroll the
buffer instead.


Michael Torrie
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