Dark Terminal Magic

Hans Fugal hans at fugal.net
Wed Feb 13 08:03:39 MST 2008

Jonathan Duncan wrote:
> On 12 Feb 2008, at 09:10, Hans Fugal wrote:
>> Neat. Thanks for sharing. In the meantime I've been trying the other 
>> terminals with strange names, and I've found that TERM=dtterm actually 
>> works quite well. Aptitude, mutt, and screen are all happy.
> Perhaps this is a side note.  While OS X Term is a decent app, I use 
> iTerm and have quite enjoyed it.  The colors also seem to work well in 
> it along with other nice features.

Before leopard I used iTerm (I'm addicted to tabs). It worked well most 
of the time but I was experiencing a very frustrating bug from time to 
time. At random times (always the most inconvenient moments) input to 
ncurses programs (mutt, vim, screen - there goes productivity) was 
completely screwed up. Backspace, =, ;, and other apparently unrelated 
keys would become other characters. This would continue for usually at 
least 10 minutes, sometimes much longer, and against all logic it had 
nothing to do with restarting iTerm, or even restarting or sleeping the 
computer. My only recourse was to bring up Terminal.app (which worked 
fine) or not use a terminal for a time and come back later and hope it 
would work.

Naturally, with a bug like that (no progress was ever made in fixing it 
- I'm sure they just think I'm nuts), I was quite thrilled when 
leopard's terminal met my needs enough to replace it.

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