Postgrey Options

Ryan Simpkins plug at
Tue Feb 12 11:10:39 MST 2008

On Tue, February 12, 2008 07:58, Chris Carey wrote:
> What configuration options are you all using? I have the delay set to
> 1 minute (I believe the default is 5 minutes). Do you find that a
> longer delay actually helps significantly more? From what I remember
> in the documentation, the theory is that in that delay time, the
> chances of the spamming source getting put on a blacklist increases.
> This way, when the message finally makes it through, its finally on a
> blacklist and spamassassin has a better chance of catching spam. Do
> you find this to be the case?

I've got my own selfish reasons for this, but....

Is anyone else interested in having a PLUG meeting on postgrey? How to set it
up, tweaking, etc, etc? Does anyone want to step up and present in March on
how to get up to speed with it?


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