Postgrey Options

Lonnie Olson lists at
Tue Feb 12 09:13:40 MST 2008

Chris Carey wrote:
> What configuration options are you all using? I have the delay set to
> 1 minute (I believe the default is 5 minutes). Do you find that a
> longer delay actually helps significantly more? From what I remember
> in the documentation, the theory is that in that delay time, the
> chances of the spamming source getting put on a blacklist increases.
> This way, when the message finally makes it through, its finally on a
> blacklist and spamassassin has a better chance of catching spam. Do
> you find this to be the case?

Since greylisting is to keep spammers out, who don't retry at all, any 
delay greater than 5 seconds should be good enough.

With that said, I keep mine at 1 minute.  I had it on 5 minutes for a 
long time, and after the change, I haven't seen any more spam than I did 
before the change.  The benefit now is that the delay on some good 
messages has decreased a lot.


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