SPAM CITY - Suggestions?

Matthew Walker rorith at
Tue Feb 12 05:32:32 MST 2008

On Tue, February 12, 2008 5:18 am, Matthew Walker wrote:
> On Tue, February 12, 2008 1:45 am, Ryan Simpkins wrote:
>> This is exactly the kind of first-person exprience I was fishing for. Thanks
>> Shane. I picture postgrey in my near future.
> I also swear by Postgrey. It stops the vast majority of spam dead in its tracks. I'll
> have to see if I can dig up the stats for my server...

A quick grep through my logs shows ~9000 messages 450'd by Postgrey in the last 3 days,
and only 2700 allowed through.

Of those, 2016 were actually delivered to maildirs after further spam and virus filtering.

I've found that in the last year or so, the number of spam sources that can get past the
Greylist has increased. Spammers must be wising up and using more real mail servers. But
it still stops a very significant percentage of the spam that would otherwise be
clogging up my server.

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