Dark Terminal Magic

Hans Fugal hans at fugal.net
Mon Feb 11 22:27:46 MST 2008

Shane Hathaway wrote:
> Hans Fugal wrote:
>> Is there a way to make a terminfo or termcap or whatever that unsets 
>> that bce bit? Would it have to reside on the target machine, I assume? 
>> Is there a common TERM setting that might work better than xterm or 
>> rxvt or xterm-color or whatever (and supports color)? If one was able 
>> to iron out the terminfo settings that reflect Terminal.app's 
>> capabilities, would it be able to make its way into the official 
>> terminfo distribution, or is that an unchanging fossil now?
> I just checked and found out that my /etc/terminfo comes from the 
> ncurses package.  The ncurses package is clearly in active maintenance. 
>  The release notes for version 5.6 mention some OS X related fixes.  Do 
> you have version 5.6 installed on your server?

Interesting. Yes and no. I have two boxes handy, one is an ubuntu 7.10 
box with ncurses 5.6 and the other is a debian box with 5.5. The same 
behavior on both, but really it makes since since TERM is set to xterm 
or rxvt which do support bce, so naturally ncurses will use it instead 
of drawing spaces or whatever workaround it would implement for a 
terminfo that doesn't support bce. So I still need to find a magic TERM 
setting for OS X, but it's sounding like maybe there is one to find.

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