SPAM CITY - Suggestions?

Jared Bellows plug at
Mon Feb 11 21:25:53 MST 2008

On Feb 11, 2008 11:10 AM, Ryan Simpkins <plug at> wrote:

> Up until now I've been pretty satisfied with dspam. However, now I'm
> strongly
> considering slamming my door shut and going with TMDA:
> Virus filtering, three RBLs, etc. are already in play. The numbers in that
> graph are after getting through the first line of defenses. I didn't mind
> dspam when there were a few hundred messages in the quarantine a week. But
> now
> there is about that many every day. The dspam filter is about 99% acurate.
> For the TMDA solution I could go through all of my mail folders and
> generate a
> massive whitelist of everyone who has e-mailed me. There are about 32,000
> e-mail messages in the archive to feed it. Then, the script could run in a
> cronjob and frequently rescan the list to be sure it stays up to day. That
> would certainly help those who already have a connection, but what about
> new
> contacts?
> TMDA does a lot of other cool things too. In particular, tagged addresses
> could be very useful:
> -Ryan

I think solutions are different depending on use case. If you are setting up
spam filtering for an organization (family or business) challenge and
repsone, greylists, whitelists, blacklists, etc. are more difficult to find
something that will work for all. For one organization, I have used
MailScanner that incorporates SpamAssassin, whitelists and blacklists all of
which can be controlled and managed by the end user (using some homebrew

If setting up for your personal use, I think then you are wide open to
whatever you want to employ. Challenge and response, whitelists, blacklists,
greylists or whatever you want to implement. It all depends at what level
you are willing to put up with the inherent problems of any of the options
you use.

For me I have found Gmail's spam filter sufficient. I receive 100+ spam
messages a day that are caught by their filter. Gmail tags spam messages so
I just do a quick glance down the spam list looking for any tags from
mailing lists I subscribe to and then delete the messages to make it
manageable for the next time I look for false positives. About 5 spam
messages get through a day but that is easy to manage.

I would like to hear what you decide to use once you decide.


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