SPAM CITY - Suggestions?

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Mon Feb 11 11:42:05 MST 2008

Based on Stuart's recommendation, I put postgrey on my server.  My spam
dropped from about 100 per day to 2-3 per day.  I haven't heard of any
case of someone sending me an email that didn't arrive, either.  I don't
have any additional spam filtering, except for marking things as junk in


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> Have you ever been curious what happens when you alias root on the
> server
> to your own e-mail address (this is just one e-mail account)?
> Up until now I've been pretty satisfied with dspam. However, now I'm
> strongly
> considering slamming my door shut and going with TMDA:
> Virus filtering, three RBLs, etc. are already in play. The numbers in
> graph are after getting through the first line of defenses. I didn't
> dspam when there were a few hundred messages in the quarantine a week.
> now
> there is about that many every day. The dspam filter is about 99%
> Which scenario do you think is better:
>  1) A VIP sends an e-mail. You don't get it because it lands in your
> filter. You don't catch it due to the volume of SPAM you get. It is a
> event, but you could miss out on a time sensitive communication.
>  2) A VIP sends an e-mail. Your system sends an automated reply with a
> simple
> step a VIP has to follow to ensure they get past the filter. The risk
> that
> the VIP won't bother reading or following the instructions sent. The
> benefit,
> if everything is followed, you don't miss any important communication.
> could still have e-mails land in a quarantine box to try and catch the
> ones
> that got away.
> For the TMDA solution I could go through all of my mail folders and
> generate a
> massive whitelist of everyone who has e-mailed me. There are about
> e-mail messages in the archive to feed it. Then, the script could run
in a
> cronjob and frequently rescan the list to be sure it stays up to day.
> would certainly help those who already have a connection, but what
> new
> contacts?
> TMDA does a lot of other cool things too. In particular, tagged
> could be very useful:
> -Ryan
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