SPAM CITY - Suggestions?

Ryan Simpkins plug at
Mon Feb 11 11:10:49 MST 2008

Have you ever been curious what happens when you alias root on the PLUG server
to your own e-mail address (this is just one e-mail account)?

Up until now I've been pretty satisfied with dspam. However, now I'm strongly
considering slamming my door shut and going with TMDA:

Virus filtering, three RBLs, etc. are already in play. The numbers in that
graph are after getting through the first line of defenses. I didn't mind
dspam when there were a few hundred messages in the quarantine a week. But now
there is about that many every day. The dspam filter is about 99% acurate.

Which scenario do you think is better:
 1) A VIP sends an e-mail. You don't get it because it lands in your SPAM
filter. You don't catch it due to the volume of SPAM you get. It is a rare
event, but you could miss out on a time sensitive communication.

 2) A VIP sends an e-mail. Your system sends an automated reply with a simple
step a VIP has to follow to ensure they get past the filter. The risk is that
the VIP won't bother reading or following the instructions sent. The benefit,
if everything is followed, you don't miss any important communication. You
could still have e-mails land in a quarantine box to try and catch the ones
that got away.

For the TMDA solution I could go through all of my mail folders and generate a
massive whitelist of everyone who has e-mailed me. There are about 32,000
e-mail messages in the archive to feed it. Then, the script could run in a
cronjob and frequently rescan the list to be sure it stays up to day. That
would certainly help those who already have a connection, but what about new

TMDA does a lot of other cool things too. In particular, tagged addresses
could be very useful:


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