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Michael L Torrie torriem at
Sat Feb 9 10:22:51 MST 2008

Andres Gonzalez wrote:
> I am running gnome on Fedora Core 7. I right-clicked on the bottom
> panel and clicked on "remove this panel" and it obeyed. I then
> right-clicked on the top panel and clicked on "add a panel" and got
> the panel at the bottom back again. However, this panel does not
> receive any of my minimized windows. That is, when I minimize a
> window, the bottom panel does not show that minimized window.
> Consequently, I cannot maximize and window after I minimize it--it is
> just gone.
> Is there a property that I need to set on the new panel so that it
> will receive my minimized windows?

A gnome panel is just that: a blank panel.  It doesn't do anything by
itself.  You need to add panel applets to the panel, including the
"Window list" applet.

> Thanks,
> -Andres
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