February Meeting: Matt Asay and Alfresco

Jared Ottley jottley at gmail.com
Fri Feb 8 09:32:41 MST 2008

I am going to do a high level overview of the product, show off some  
the the new features we have coming out.  If there is something  
specific that people are interested in seeing, around Document  
Management or Web Content Management, post here and I will make sure  
to work it in.

And of course we have some nifty ways to address these problems :)   
Shared drives have tended to become messy, but it is a paradigm that  
users are very familiar with.  So we provide a way to stick to that  
interface, using what we call Virtual File Server. The same shared  
drive interface that people are familiar with (using CIFS, WebDAV or  
NFS) coupled with the power of the repository (Full text indexing, a  
rules engine, email notification, RSS feeds, workflow, etc). MS still  
has a tight grip on the Office suite market, so we have written add- 
ons for Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.  (There was work started by  
someone from the OpenOffice.org community a while back on providing  
integration, but I haven't seen much from that yet.)   So if no one  
will become violently ill, I can show that as well.

I don't want to give my entire presentation here ;) but hopefully  
that is enough of a taste.  I'll also cover:

New email integration, project work spaces, web scripts (HTTP APIs -  
REST infrastructure), talk about collaboration work that is coming  
later this year and more!


On Feb 8, 2008, at 2:12 AM, Corey Edwards wrote:

> On Thu, 2008-02-07 at 22:02 -0700, Ryan Simpkins wrote:
>> Date: Wednesday Feb 13, 2008
>> Time: 7:30 PM
>> Location: Omniture, Inc.
>> Additional details: http://www.plug.org
>> *Drinks will be provided (sorry, didn't get the pizza).
>> This month's PLUG meeting will have a unique spin. We have invited  
>> Matt Asay
>> and the Alfresco team to come discuss business as it relates to  
>> Open Source.
>> If you have an interest in business or law surrounding Open Source or
>> technology, this is one meeting you do not want to miss. We also  
>> will be
>> getting an introduction to the very full-featured Alfresco CMS.  
>> This is a
>> local company, and they are doing some amazing things in this space.
> I'm considering attending from what I consider a great distance. I've
> been investigating Alfresco for use in my company. Matt or Jared,  
> would
> you comment on the topics you plan to cover in the meeting? My  
> company's
> current document management strategy involves a large Windows file  
> share
> (which in fact is not actually that large). It's messy, hard to find
> anything and impossible to track. How does Alfresco solve my problems?
> Will you have some good demos of the nifty ways Alfresco can  
> benefit us?
> Thanks in advance for the answers. I personally would just like to  
> come
> for the drinks, but I need a slightly stronger justification to use my
> travel budget.
> Corey
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