linux motherboard with WiFi

Mike Lovell toelovell at
Wed Feb 6 17:32:45 MST 2008

Andres Gonzalez wrote:
> I am preparing for a new linux project and I need to purchase a
> motherboard that supports the following:
> Micro ATX size
> Intel Core2 Duo
> Video on motherboard
> Wireless network interface
> Firewire interface
> The wireless network interface is essential. Obviously, the chipsets
> used for the video and wireless interface must be ones that there are
> linux drivers available.  If it also had a composite video interface
> that would be ideal but not essential. All of the other specifics of
> the motherboard like, SATA, chipset, amount of RAM, number of USB,
> etc, are of lesser importance to me.
> Anybody here know of such a motherboard?
> Thanks,
> -Andres
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This is one thing I love for. I just went there and started
searching through the Intel compatible motherboards and found a good
number of boards that are MicroATX, have integrated video, and a
Firewire port. All of them use either nVidia or Intel video which would
have good driver support. I have used both Intel and nVidia video
drivers with no problem. I would recommend getting the wireless as a
separate card where you can make sure you are getting a chipset that
likes linux. This usually me a little bit of hunting because I can never
remember what chipsets have good support. I don't know what distro you
are going to use but you can check to see what driver has good support
from your distro and then find a card that fits in that driver. Anyways,
here are some links to assist in your search.

List of Intel compatible boards with firewire, video, and micro ATX:

Cards compatible with Mad Wifi:

Atheros Cards:

Have fun.

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