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Trevor Sharpe tsharpe at xmission.com
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Andrew Jorgensen wrote:
> I've been curious to listen to the meeting in question to see how much
> people have misunderstood this bill.  It's hard to fight something you
> don't understand.  I was very sad to hear Pete Ashdown misrepresent it
> on the radio.  It seems that he didn't take time to read the bill
> either.
> Now having said that it's clear that this bill won't accomplish what
> it purports and it seems that for-pay wireless providers may be behind
> it's inception.  T-Mobile (or whoever) must know that Xmission is
> providing a free alternative to their service and Pete has said that
> he'll back down if this bill passes so it's logical to conclude that
> someone is lining Rep Daw's pockets (or at least wispering lies in his
> ear).

I have been following this bill since it started. I did attend the
meeting on January 31st. Although I have many feelings on the subject, I
don't want to write a long email. I just thought I would alert you that
this bill is going before House Public Utilities and Technology
Committee - 8 February 2008, 8:00AM - Rm W025


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