[OT] Re: HB 139 Meeting Today ?

Shane Hathaway shane at hathawaymix.org
Wed Feb 6 14:18:52 MST 2008

Chris Carey wrote:
> Digg frontpaged a story on this Bill today

I just had a thought... if a bill like this says filtering is required,
how accurate must the filter be?  Let's say I set up a web proxy that
blocks URLs based on some hand crafted regular expressions.  The
accuracy might be low, yet my proxy technically qualifies as a censoring
filter.  Does it qualify for the requirements of the bill?  Let's say I
put some real effort into making a good filter on my own; at what point
is the accuracy good enough that I am no longer liable when the filter
lets bad stuff through?

We must not have a law that mandates filtering for the public unless we
have a way to measure filter accuracy.  Is anyone attempting to find a
way to measure it?  If we pass a bill before there is some reliable way
to decide whether a filter is compliant, we'll just end up with a lot of
wasteful litigation.


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