MySQL InnoDB issues

Dan Sampson plug at
Wed Feb 6 11:06:06 MST 2008

That did it!  Thank you so much!

Again, saves a companies bacon!


Dan Sampson

On Feb 6, 2008, at 10:35 AM, Jeff Schroeder wrote:

> Dan asked:
>> we cannot get their InnoDB tables back up and running.  I took their
>>   old data files, and moved them into the correct spot in the new
>> mysql folder.  When I load the database via command, I see the table
>> names (show tables;) but when I select or desc the table it comes
>> back with "ERROR 1033 (HY000): Incorrect information in file:
>> './<databasename>/ <tablename>.frm'."
> Did you copy the ib* files as well?  In the MySQL directory, at the  
> same
> level as the database sub-directories, there are three InnoDB data
> files:
> ibdata1
> ib_logfile0
> ib_logfile1
> You'll need these in addition to the .frm files.
> HTH,
> Jeff
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