MySQL InnoDB issues

Chris Carey chris.carey at
Wed Feb 6 10:46:48 MST 2008

May want to try a

REPAIR TABLE <tablename>

from the mysql command line

On Feb 6, 2008 10:30 AM, Dan Sampson <plug at> wrote:
> Thanks for you help ahead.  As you can imagine, this is a very
> critical / urgent issue.
> A partner of mine updated their server last night through a yum
> update.  They are running CentOS (not sure on the actual version).  In
> the update, I guess it wiped out their MySQL database.  So, they
> reinstalled MySQL 5.0.37-community, and that is now running.  However,
> we cannot get their InnoDB tables back up and running.  I took their
> old data files, and moved them into the correct spot in the new mysql
> folder.  When I load the database via command, I see the table names
> (show tables;) but when I select or desc the table it comes back with
> "ERROR 1033 (HY000): Incorrect information in file: './<databasename>/
> <tablename>.frm'."

> So if someone could please help that would be greatly appreciated.

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