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Hans Fugal hans at fugal.net
Tue Feb 5 16:17:42 MST 2008

The discussion on surgery is interesting, as is the bit about contacts. 
I'd like to solicit thoughts on eyeglasses too.

I tried contacts for awhile. Worked wonders for wooing but just didn't 
work out for computer work. My eyes would (and do) tend to dry out, not 
severely but noticeably. But more importantly, I just didn't feel I 
could see the screen as well. I went through two eye doctors - the first 
I'm sure was an idiot, but the second came well-recommended and seemed 
competent. He said "here, try these, but you'll probably be happier just 
using glasses", and I am. I don't mind wearing glasses, even though my 
wife wishes I would mind. ;-)

So, are there any special considerations wrt glasses that I should bring 
up with the eye doctor when I go, for computer use? What about the eye 
exam itself? I often feel that the doctor is rushing through the process 
and wonder how I should answer his questions. Maybe it comes from my DSP 
training but I can usually interpolate and figure out what that letter 
on the bottom row is, even though it's barely more than a blur. Should I 
tell the doc "no I can't see it" when it's more blurry than I'd want to 
read over a long period, etc.

How do you get the most out of your myopia correction?

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