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When I got out of the navy I had the opportunity to go to school all expenses paid.  I choose to head into ophthalmic assisting because the bottom had fallen out of the tech market.  So I have literally done my homework on it.

Laser surgery is a good option for most people, but not everyone.  The way it works is pretty wierd.  In a nutshell the laser is used to make incisions in the cornea.  These incisions then heal and scar forcing the cornea to reshape itself as it heals.
That's why it's not generally a good option for people who have thin corneas or kerataconus or a myriad of other things.

The very best kind has a laser that tracks your eye position several hundred times per second in case your eye moves.

The eye institute of Utah is the only place I would consider going.  They have the best tech and the most knowledgable staff of any place in the state.  They are local right off of 500 west and 1600 North in provo.


P.s.  I would probably be in ophthalmology today but I kept fainting during my surgical assisting internship :(

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