[OT] Vision correction surgery

Gabriel Gunderson gabe at gundy.org
Mon Feb 4 15:07:42 MST 2008

I thought I might see if anyone on the list has done their homework on
vision correction surgery.  Like most of you, my eves are a very
important part of my livelihood.  I can't get much done without being
able to see the display :)

Anyway, this morning, my glasses broke *again* and I'm faced with
spending several hundred dollars to get them replaced - a ritual I do
every other year.  I'm don't really like my glasses and I stopped
wearing contacts almost a decade ago because looking at a monitor made
my eyes dry and itchy.

I'd really like to put that money toward vision correction surgery, but
I'm unsure about it still.  Where is the technology at today?  Are the
more expensive providers actually better or do they just need to pay for
more advertising?  Who's had it and liked/hated it?  Would you recommend
it to other sysadmins or programmers?  Who would you recommend having do

I've done some reading on the topic, but everything sounds like
marketing hype.  Phrases like "advanced technology" don't do anything
for me :)

Opinions, thoughts?


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