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Roberto Mello roberto.mello at
Mon Feb 4 11:17:00 MST 2008

On Feb 1, 2008 9:41 AM, William Attwood <wattwood at> wrote:
> Hello Locals.

Hello William. It appears you don't know that cross-posting is frowned upon.

>    I'm an organizational creative.  I like to diagram flowcharts prior to

No idea what an "organizational creative" is.

> tackling a project, and adjust them to meet changes as they happen.  This
> seems to make it so management can see the project a lot easier than if I
> was trying to explain the code workings to them.

You seem to be saying that meshing software design, with a
presentation of said design to management are the same thing, or that
by doing the design in a "management-friendly" manner is beneficial.

I don't think I agree with either of those statements, assuming that's
what you meant. I find flow charts and boxes and other "I'm a visual
person" type of design to be too slow and constraining. I use them for
presentation and for a top-level documentation, but I don't design
around them.

I find that often the "I'm a visual person and need boxes" speech
means the programmer needs a crutch and can't seem to dig into the
code without those crutches. Realize that I'm not saying that good
documentation, including graphs, are bad.


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