The Last Straw (was: [sllug-members]: Boycott the Salt Lake Tribune)

Chad masterclc at
Sun Feb 3 09:42:12 MST 2008

On Feb 1, 2008 10:42 AM, Ryan Simpkins <plug at> wrote:
> On Fri, February 1, 2008 09:56, Chad wrote:
> > Sorry for causing such a rift in the time/space continuum.  I did
> > notice that the PLUG list maintainer asked us to limit the political
> > discussions and because of that I only sent the message to SLLUG.  One
> > reason I thought to send it to SLLUG was that Ron Paul has some
> > positions that seem to blend well with Linux and more generally with
> <snip>
> Do you have your lists mixed up? I didn't want anyone to get the impression
> that PLUG was swaying things. It is likely SLLUG that is limiting political
> discussion - isn't it?
> This list will remain unmoderated. Please see my post on the subject for more
> details. If you think Ron Paul is relevant to the Open Source community - post
> away - just be sure you have your asbestos underwear on. :)
> If you stick on the list for a while you learn these types of threads happen
> frequently. That - and a top posting thread which we haven't had a good flame
> on in a while. Or a Java versus everything flame thread. Or a reply-to thread.
> The list goes on and on. This is what I _love_ about PLUG. You don't have to
> be worried if something you post is going to offend someone. You just _know_
> it will, and do it anyway! :-)
> Maybe we should give PLUG the official motto:
>   "Plug in to what's HOT in open source."
> Or maybe this one:
>    "What happens on the list, stays on the list."
> Hrm, I think that one is already taken by the Las Vegas LUG.
> </cheese>
> -Ryan

Thanks again for the clarification.  I thought I read in a previous
discussion related to politics that someone mentioned that the list
maintainer would prefer we didn't post non-tech threads or something
to that effect.  I was apparently mistaken or thought whomever asked
that was the list maintainer.  Sounds good, thanks again.


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