Linux Router/Firewall software

Mike Lovell toelovell at
Sat Feb 2 21:37:09 MST 2008

Hey everyone,
I just recently bought a PC Engines alix2c3 board 
( and am in the process of getting it 
set up a my router/firewall. I currently have debian lenny loaded on it 
and was going to do all of the firewall/routing/etc by hand. I am 
looking at using shorewall to manage the firewall and putting dnsmasq on 
it for DHCP and DNS. But I am  curious to see what others on the list 
have used for things like this and what do you all recommend. I have 
pfSense running as my router right now but am wanting to try something 
else. Any thoughts?

Kind of random question but I am mainly curious.


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