Git Presentation?

Mike Lovell mike at
Wed Dec 31 22:24:20 MST 2008

Barry Roberts wrote:
> Instead of focusing on implementation details, or even tutorial info, I
> decided to summarize what I learned not only in several weeks of
> research and playing with DVCS's, but also the several months I've been
> tech support for several teams I got switched over to Git (including
> Windows users).
> Plus I plan to demo some of the nifty features that make switching to 
> Git a no-brainer for most people.
> Interest?

I am definitely interested. I have been looking at hg and git for the 
past little bit and would definitely like to learn more about git. (I 
have mainly been focusing on hg). Besides, maybe this will give me an 
excuse to come to a PLUG meeting. :)

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