ETMG-17" Sun CRT

Stuart Jansen sjansen at
Tue Dec 30 17:36:33 MST 2008

On Tue, 2008-12-30 at 16:59 -0700, Tim Morris wrote:
> I haven't posted much on the list over the years I've lurked, and I'm
> not sure what the current feeling is toward posting equipment offers
> on the list.  My apologies in advance.

You want to give away computer equipment and you're afraid we'll get

Maybe you're right... Perhaps we'll soon consider giving someone a CRT
to be as rude as locking them in a room and making them learn why they
should support Ron Paul's plan to use emacs to top post replies to the

When you tell me I should give proprietary software a fair technical
evaluation because its features are so nice, what you are actually doing
is saying "Look at the shine on those manacles!" to someone who
remembers feeling like a slave. -- Eric S. Raymond

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