Open Office on the Mac

Devlin Daley devlin at
Tue Dec 30 17:25:48 MST 2008

>> I grabbed two files I had lying around and got these numbers:
>> odt | pdf | hybrid pdf
>> 12K   32K   40K
>> 16K   68K   80K
>> -- Devlin
> Not bad.  Thanks for putting that to the test.  It looks like in those
> cases there's about 4k of shared data, assuming the pdf embedded OOo is
> still compressed. I got the impression that it's not part of OOo 3 by
> default?  If not, where do you get that extension?  I'll be moving to
> OOo 3 as soon as I upgrade to OpenSuse 11.1.

Not part of OOo 3 by default. It's an inaccurately named extension
from Sun Microsystems called PDF Importer. (ok, so it actually does
try to import pdfs and convert them into odf, so that's the origin of
the name). It adds a new checkbox to the PDF export dialog box. You
must also have this extension to open hybrid pdf files.

It's in beta.

-- Devlin

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